Sunday, September 16, 2018


Something that I learned while keeping up with the comicsgate drama is that it is really pointless to argue online with people. I mean I already knew this, that's why I avoid engaging anyone in an online debate. I'm all for a discussion, but a debate online never goes anywhere, because both people stick to their guns or one side chooses to be ignorant, and there is not point in trying to change the opinion of the other. 

Anyhow, there wasn't really a discussion I was going to have today, I'm still trying to get around to blogging about something I wanted to blog about regarding race, but I kinda lost my train of thought about how I wanted to frame that post. So I guess I'll have to wait until next week. 

In the mean time the only thing on my mind at the moment is that football is back. College football and pro football. Sometimes it's pointless to watch the college games because they might end up being blowouts, so it can get boring. In the NFL there's a bit more balance, and you would know this if you watched the Packers vs Bears game from last week, in which Aaron Rodgers was able to bring back his team from a 20 point deficit. 

Also there's that whole thing with Colin Kaepernick and Nike. There was a video of a man burning his shoes in protest against Nike hiring Kaepernick. He left the shoes on his feet while they were engulfed in flames. Republicans/Conservatives come up with the most funny ways to protest. If you're looking for some laughs you can probably find it on youtube along with a lot of other angry patriots/racists setting their Nike gear on fire. On twitter I saw someone comment that they were probably burning their shoes because they ran out of crosses to burn in front of houses. Which was funny as fuck. 

Also national novel writing month is coming up soon. I participated last year, I completed the word count, but I didn't finish my novel. It's been sitting on my hard drive, but I only did it for fun, to say that I did it. I might get around to finishing it though, just to say I finished the novel. And I might participate in the novel writing event this year again. 

Anyhow, I'm trying to reinvigorate myself. Being knocked down so many times leaves you hopeless at times. But eh, that is life. Ups and downs and what not. 

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