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I was just remembering that last week I lost a good chunk of what I wrote for the blog post because I wrote it directly through blogger and some weirdness happened after I hit "publish" which left me with no post actually being posted, but also the last paragraph or so was missing, because I didn't save, even though I thought blogger automatically saved every few minutes. I used to write my posts in a word document to not have this happen after it happened a couple of times when I first started the blog. But here I am, back to my old habits. It actually worked out, because my last paragraph was shorter the 2nd time around, which was good since I'm trying to work on not being so wordy in my posts (sorta like I'm being wordy right now). I had to post on Monday instead of Sunday which was okay too. Anyhow, let me write something so that I feel like I actually accomplished something today.

Have you ever been called an "Academic Fuckboy"? No? Just me? This was shared with me in a tweet which I wish I could find to share here. It wasn't shared in spite, it was just a funny thing. It was funny as hell.

Yesterday, in Portland apparently, Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys were out there doing their whole patriotic march thing. Surprisingly it didn't become a huge riot between them and Antifa. The counter-protestors and "patriots" were on opposing sides, separated by police. Everything went smoothly I guess you can say. Eventually, the cops rushed at the counter-protestors because supposedly they were throwing rocks and trash at the cops. The general belief is though that many cops support the "patriots" and have amongst their ranks members of the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. Interestingly there was a deputy that was fired because as it turns out she took a selfie wearing a PB sweater and I think she even sold their merchandise. So, yay police department for firing one of your own that will probably end up working for a different police department in a different county anyway. You know, like most cops that are dismissed after police brutality cases but end up somehow continuing to work in law enforcement in other cities (Buzzfeed Article on Police Accountability).

Anyway, no large-scale riot in Portland, but apparently after the police rushed counter-protestors some "patriots" used the opportunity to assault protestors that were milling about. Not surprising really, you get the feeling that the "patriots" are just itching for a fight. Why else would they continue going to cities like Portland, San Franciso, and Berekely? Only other thing that comes to mind is that they want to be attacked so that they can try to show how horrible and violent leftists are. It's all about optics I guess, which is why it's easier to accept multiethnic members who align with republican and conservative ideologies. The Hispanic and African American members will defend the group and their ideology and overlook the racism (or claim it doesn't exist) because they agree with Republican "values" and patriotism. Sometimes they seem to feel that white people are being oppressed and are experiencing racism, because well on social media you'll catch people poking fun at white people or just outright saying, "fuck white people." So the Hispanic or African American folk feel sorry for their white allies and defend them as simply patriotic. I've seen it happen in person. Yet they don't seem to understand or see that their white friend that is fuming, is maybe fuming because s/he has white guilt and feels it as a personal attack, even though it's more of a criticism. Punching up versus punching down. Like what I've seen lately about "be proud of being white," you know white nationalism and white supremacy which is somehow not connected to racism.


Okay, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I'll even say this: Yes, it is okay for you to be proud of your whiteness, whether it's Irish, Italian, or whatever European ancestry you have. You can even say I'm a proud Irish or even American. I don't think that's being taken away from you. But when you take pride in your whiteness as an opposition to everyone else that is non-white and also not straight, then that is not really rooted in the simple pride in your whiteness, it is rooted in a sense of fear, hate and antagonism because you probably feel like you're under attack. So you begin screaming that people are racist against your whiteness. Yet, if the claim about Antifa being mostly skinny middle-class white kids is true, why don't they take the same level of pride in their whiteness. Maybe they're proud of they're whiteness too, but instead of proclaiming racism toward their whiteness, they stand up against the prideful white folks, who see an enemy everywhere, but can see allies in minority people who don't criticize whiteness and who align with them politically and with a political party that has since been associated with racism, regardless of it's past deeds under Abe Lincoln.

This level of outrage isn't specific to white people though. I've seen it on the left too. I've seen it in the LGBTQ community when an ally tries to offer some insight, and they are attacked for offering their opinion or take, but that person happens to be a white queer person, so that person is attacked. It's petty, but it is understandable. I've seen it Chicanx Studies circles, with Chicanas and Chicanx LGBTQ members mocking and criticizing cishet Chicanos. As a straight Chicano I'm not insulted by the mockery or criticism. I think it's important to look at it as a form of checks and balances amongst our communities. It helps us evolve with the sociopolitical climate so that we don't become the stereotypical shitty closeminded racist relative everyone pokes fun of during the holidays. But, this can also tear us apart, and drive wedges within the community. I saw a friend upset about being attacked by a fellow Chicana for a comment she posted. Nothing offensive but something that was taken out of context. My friend was right to be upset, and as she pointed out to me, it's what made her not want to engage or be a part of the "woke" online Chicanx community. Hell, I've seen Chicanxs being referred to as "Shitcanos" from not only Latinxs but also from Chicanxs. I've also seen anti-Aztlan comments online from Chcianxs. I've read some of the arguments, which I can't remember off the top of my head, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised, there are things which were important in Chicanx Studies and during the Chicano Movement for years, that were going to evolve, like Aztlan. But at least the history is there for anyone that wants to learn about it, but also see what the current commentary is about it. It adds to the evolution of Chicanx Studies.

How did I even get here?

Oh Yeah:

The "patriots" are supposed to be in Berekely today to help rid us of Marxism and communism (?). But like I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, many have decided to avoid Berekely after the incident in Oakland. So I'm hoping things are mellow in Berekely and quiet in comparison to Portland.

Deputy Fired

And if you're interested here's an incident involving ICE. If what's been going on lately doesn't make you upset, I don't know what will:

And this guy gives some good commentary in relation to the clip:

And if you're interested in some sort of assistance for the children that are separated from their families, you might want to check out this tweet by @ricardo_de_anda:

Well, so much for not being so wordy.

From Ricard de Anda's Twitter Page 

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