Sunday, July 22, 2018

Vale Pura Verga Carnal

I made a horrible mistake this past week. I spent a lot more time in Twitter than I usually spend in there. I usually open the app to see the trending topics, which then direct my attention toward news reports and current events. I don't really look at the main timeline nor refresh it. I might check in on a hashtag to see what people are saying about a given topic. I'll check in on some people I follow, and that list is very short, consisting of at least only two people. Other than that I might retweet/like some things and tweet some random thing, and that is about it.

Anyway, I spent more time in twitter just because I became interested in what people were saying regarding the current administration. This past week has been huge in terms of the orange guy's visit to Russia. It doesn't help that he sends out a tweet storm for anything. But what really got to me was seeing how his base is just really supportive regardless of what he's saying. I look at some of these people and I'm thinking, you really support this guy? Why? This doesn't make sense to me. They defend him passionately against anyone that criticizes him. And I'm not just talking about defending him against Democrats, and liberals/progressives; they defend him against the criticism from other Republicans. Holy crap. As I'm typing this I am astounded by this. I've been astounded by this since he was elected, but when you go on social media it is AMPLIFIED.

He has emboldened a lot of racist and xenophobic people to just say fuck it and come out of the woodwork and start assaulting minorities both physically and verbally online. There is a group that refers to themselves as Proud Boys who are running around claiming they are not Nazis or White supremacists, yet one of their Latino members is ranting on a video that he supports his Nazi friends (see: Proud Boys) because they should be allowed to have an opinion and because they are trying to do good things for this country. Racism is being intellectualized by that Spencer douche. He was run out of my alma mater (one of the few positive things that has happened there recently), there's a clip of a guy chasing him down a street across from my former campus shouting at him to get the fuck out of there. His supporters do the Nazi salute. Yet they claim they just want to be respected as white people, because claiming they have white privilege is being racist toward them. Reminds me a little of the white character I mentioned in my post about Dear White People. Except, that at least that character managed to remain "woke," and not be swallowed up by his self-pity over how his whiteness is criticized.

I thought the toxicity in comicsgate was bad, holy shit, take a trip down the rabbit hole of drumpf supporters. Holy fuck. These people are actually engaged in a culture war, that I thought was done years ago. They go after progressives with big names. This week they got James Gunn fired over offensive tweets about pedophilia. But their attempts to get progressive comedians under fire like Patton Oswalt and Michael Ian Black have failed miserably. I saw one of them try to go after Anthony Jeselnik, a comic known for his offensive shit! Jeselnik had a great response about how trying to find offensive jokes on his social media account was like trying to find a needle in a needle store on customer appreciation day. I was fucken dying of laughter. But all it took was the takedown of Gunn to embolden them to go after celebrity comics they despised known for their progressive ideologies and criticism of the current prez.

His supporters double the fuck down on anything the orange guy says. I'm sitting here in disbelief. Even this whole Russia thing, the argument is that he is keeping us from going to war with them. [Insert Shocked White Guy Doing a Double Take Gif Here].

My sister works at a bank, and she has told me that most of the customers that go in there are Republicans. She said that they for some reason naturally assume that she might be republican also, because they tell her to make sure to vote so that Democrats don't keep fucking things up in this country. What the fuck? I'm not going to sit here and pretend that Dems haven't fucked up a lot of things, because they have. I'm not a big fan of the Dem party because as far as I'm concerned they are not progressive enough, and I don't really think Obama was such a great president because in some Chicanx circles we refer to him as the Deporter-in-Chief. Also: see drones. But at least, he wasn't a braying jackass and he did have some genuine aspirations to push a progressive agenda, but well you know how all of that worked out. Anyway, what I'm trying to say, is that local Republicans in this area are already trying to spread the word that people need to vote in November to keep Republican representatives in power. That is some scary shit.

I already spoke with my family and they understand that it is crucial that we vote this November. No more ranting and being angry or depressed. They know we need to be proactive and inform ourselves about the politicians, and look for real progressives. I've talked to a couple of friends and brought this up too. I'm hoping that they too talk with their own families and friends and begin talking to the younger generation of 18-year-olds in their families and tell them to vote. I made it clear though, that I'm not imposing my ideologies on my family, if one or more of my sister's had conservative/republican views, I would still encourage them to vote and be informed. But I'm glad that my family consists mostly of progressive-minded people that are disgusted and fed up with seeing kids separated from their families and locked up in cages.

It is just nuts.

I could go on and on. But I don't want to ruin anybody's day with this stuff.

At this rate I'm not going to ever shut down my blog. At least not for another 2 years or so, possibly 4 (SMFH).

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