Sunday, July 29, 2018

That One Thing That Happened in Oakland

Over the past few weeks things regarding race continue to come up. Which probably means I need to stay the fuck away from social media. But this past week in Oakland, there was a murder at the BART station of young African American woman. The person who killed her was a homeless white man, possibly with a mental disorder. What preceded this was a rumor that the Proud Boys were going to a to have some drinks at a local bar. The rumor got worst somehow connecting the homeless man to the Proud Boys. Well, after the murder, the community was understandably pretty pissed and a few men showed up to the bar, where many people were there waiting for them. They got chased away, but one guy got the shit kicked out of him by the group. Rumor has it, it was just some Drumpf supporters who were there for a meeting. Information is really murky because the Proud Boys continue to claim they are anti-racism and continue to tout their Hispanic and African American members to prove they are not racist. These guys were planning on showing up to a march in Berkeley in August organized by Patriot Prayer, yet continue to claim they are not racists. But after they saw over 1000 people turn out for the vigil for Nia and also realized they were pissed off at the Proud Boys and similar racist organizations, they decided it was maybe not a good idea to show up in the Bay Area. So the leader of the Proud Boys sent out a tweet announcing that their organization disavows the march in Berkeley and none of its members should be there. Rumor has it, they and other alt-right organizations like Patriot Prayer are going through a lot of infighting, but they also know that people in the Bay Area are pissed about the murder of Nia, so many folks from Oakland were apparently planning to turn up at the march in August to counter protest. So the alt-righters freaked out and started thinking about the optics and the angry protestors that might be looking for justice for the murder of Nia. It was actually kind of amusing because all of a sudden the Proud Boys chapter in the Bay Area was talking about keeping a low profile and the leader of the organization was even tweeting #SayHerName on behalf of Nia, because they knew, as they say on the playground their "ass was grass."
"We DISAVOW the march because we don't want the shit kicked out of us. Also, #SayHerName for OPTICS."

"The media is ready to paint us as what we are: Racists! I mean Patriots!"

Their dumbshit leader even posted a video of an African American man apologizing to someone, I have no clue who he was talking about. Possibly the man who was assaulted by people angry over Nia's murder. Not much is known about the victim of the assault, an African American woman tweeted that the man was actually the stepdad of a couple of African American girls he adopted. But there hasn't been much actual info on his background, other than someone who was there and shot video of the vigil for Nia, claims that those guys might not have been Alt-Right, but were definitely drumpf supporters who were there to disrupt the vigil. Anyway, the leader of the organization tried to use that one video by one African American person to try to vindicate themselves from any involvement and to try to continue arguing that they are not racists.

"This isn't the normal skinny white boy type" lmao I'm on the same page as you Chris, go ahead and bring your shit to the Bay Area again. "Gang members, BLM and serious motherfuckers! Oh my!"

So now all of a sudden everyone from the Alt-Right that was going to turn out to Berkeley doesn't intend to show up, and are instead focusing on showing up in Portland, Oregon to fight with skinny Antifa people. Again, Proud Boys and their leader continue to argue that they are not racist, yet they continously show up in support of Patriot Prayer marches. These marches are joined by alt-ritghters, and neo-Nazis. The Proud Boys claim, like Patriot Prayer that they are simply marching for their freedom of speech as republicans and conservatives. They continue to say they are tired of being criticized for being white, and feel oppressed because of such criticisms as white males, yet they continue to argue that they are not white supremacists or white nationalists or racists.

They discuss that maybe they should "lay low." LMAO Ya think?

Here's a twitter thread that serves as a who's who of alt-righters:

Michelle Dione provides a good twitter thread about the way things went down in Oakland last week:

Here's the leader of the Proud Boys dropping the n-word multiple times in the "context of comedy":

Here's a Mexican Proud Boy member referring to his friends as Nazis, and even claims he's okay with it. Yay progress and Mexican pride!:

And here's an NPR thing with Dante Nero an African American comedian and the former "Pope" of the Proud Boys. He distanced himself from these guys after he discovered their racism on social media. He even had a "Proud Boys" tattoo on his neck which he has since covered up after he found out about their involvement in Charlottesville:
White Haze

Anyhow, I didn't intend to write about these alt-right pendejos. Sorry if I ruined your day. I wanted to use the incident in Oakland as a lead into some thoughts on my interactions with white folks. but I guess I'll have to save that for next Sunday, or maybe even earlier this week.

Anyway, be safe out there, a lotta racist and ignorant crazies that might be working next to you, or walking by you out in public.

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