Sunday, July 1, 2018

How Bad Do You think Things Are Going To Get?


I asked one of my friends the question in the title of this post, and her answer is just above this sentence. There was more, which I might get into later. But really, "Bad," is all that really needed to be said.

I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher, and his panel that day, which included Michael Moore made it sound like we were spiraling toward fascist dystopia. They brought up points about comments made by the orange guy, such as saying that his voters might take to the streets if he lost the election or if he is pushed out of office prematurely. Maher and Moore then talked about how many conservatives might own guns, which they might take onto the streets with them. This week there were reporters killed, by what appears to be a drumpf supporter. The orange guy did incite violence at his campaigns against reporters, regardless of how much he might want to deny that. So yeah, things are bad. If he loses the next election is it possible we'll see rioting or maybe even him refusing to leave the position?

It sounds like that could not possibly happen. But we thought a lot of other things couldn't happen once this guy became prez. I remember on Snapchat someone talking about how a lot of bad shit could and would happen because people thought there is no way he can just say he wants a ban on immigrants and have it become a reality. I think we thought the government would make him jump through hoops and prolong anything extreme he wanted to do. Welp, some executive orders later, I think we know better now. And she was speaking as an undergrad student that was about to pursue a law degree. She showed many of us how truly naive we were, myself included.

So yeah, things are bad and are going to get worst, not just for people but for the environment. Possibly headed toward a dictatorship? Possibly. I want to believe that this is America and that we would never allow a person to become a dictator/king. I want to believe that the government or military would make sure to oust this person if he refuses to leave. And by removing him, we would return a semblance of order. All of this chaos is leading to a major awakening for some people though. Don't take for granted that we have lived in a very flawed democracy, but one where we generally knew, the person in power was going to leave after 4 or 8 years. There's something different happening here, and it might not just take votes to get this person out of power. It doesn't help that he has a base that has bought into his bullshit, and are more than likely willing to let him stay in power as long as he wants. It's bleak and it's chilling.

There is hope though. People have been engaging in civil disobedience, by protesting against members of this administration out in public and outside their homes. There was the win of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Hopefully, there will be more like her. But it's going to take people who identify as Democrats to vote in large numbers, and there's also the whole electorate shit show that needs to be won. Yeah, hoping won't do much for anyone. I'm already planning on having a meeting with my family members who are of voting age so that they actually vote in November and a couple of years from now. I've become more interested in local politics/cians since all of this happened, and I'm going to make sure I cast my vote for every election from now on. And I'm going to make sure that many of my family members do the same.

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