Sunday, July 8, 2018

Dear White People

Anybody watch that show on Netflix? You know, that show that sent white people into an uproar and threatened to cancel their Netflix subscriptions, because it was a show with an all African American cast that made white people think they were going to be ridiculed. Peak whiteness baby, peak whiteness.

I heard about the movie which I have yet to watch, and wasn't sure about the show until I actually watched it. It is a smart and funny show. Not necessarily making fun of white people (only), but addressing interactions between white folks and black folks at a fictional ivy league university. But it is also just as much about interactions among black students with differing ideologies. See: bourgeoise blacks versus power to the people blacks. It addresses race, gender, sexuality and inter-ethnic ideological conflicts. An ethnic studies scholar's wet dream.

A couple of my favorite episodes from the two seasons released so far, have been the episode that focuses on the "woke" white guy that is the boyfriend Samantha, where you get into his head, and see him laugh along as the African American students he spends time with, make fun of white people, yet there's a moment where he wants to yell out what he really thinks, but goes along with what they're saying, because he's "woke" and doesn't want to seem like an insensitive racist white male. Another is the episode with the Hotep character. There's also an episode where the African American students attend a white party that ends up in a fight between Reggie and someone he thought to be a white friend, but the climax of that episode comes when campus police show up, and the white officer points a gun at Reggie. Peak real life.

There are many great moments in the series, and I will say that Coco is my favorite character so far.

Anyhow, it's worth a watch even for white people who initially thought it was going to be 13 episodes about them being made fun of or called out, for you know, being white n'stuff.

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