Sunday, June 3, 2018

White Girl Tears & EStarbucks Culeros

I looked at how far apart my posts were on this blog, and was just like whoa.

When I first started this blog at one point I even thought about converting it into a place for comic strips. I even looked up drawing and create your own comic strip tutorials on Youtube. But I was ashamed of my drawing skills, so this never came to be. But now I'm thinking I might still do that, drawing skills be damned. If not here then maybe in a new blog or maybe even a newletter type deal.

I just ate a couple of breakfast corn dogs. It's sausage covered by a blueberry pancake. It's actually pretty good. Apparently, I want to add to the American obesity epidemic. Yay processed foods and heart attacks. Murica, fuck yeA! Now let me go get a membership for the NRA. Fucken-A.

In the background, Bob Ross is doing a painting tutorial. It's so soothing to hear his voice as I write this.

Anyway, some more scattered thoughts n'things.

How about those comicsgate folks, amirite-amirite.

You hear the news about Junot Diaz?

I saw an Italian-American girl on twitter who listens to rap music, who got upset over some of the African-American people she followed on Twitter, who were being critical of white people. This was some time ago, but it lingers. It was interesting to me, because she would not only listen to rap music and would even joke about some of the rappers being her future husband. But then would call a Black person an asshole for critiquing white privilege. Smh. See: White people tears. I don't get it I just don't.

Dear Rachel Dolezal, you've made many mistakes, but . . .

Which reminds me has anybody watched that documentary about her on Netflix? See: Smh.

Anyway. So I was having coffee with my mom the other day and I was telling her about the controversy about Starbucks and the two black men they had arrested. I also informed her about the incident at the Starbucks in LA that wrote "Beaner" where the name should have been for one of the Mexican customers. AND guess what? It turns my mom had a similar incident. Her eyes widened after I told her about what happened, and she then told me about her own experience. Apparently, she stops by a Starbucks in Gilroy (CA) once in a while. She said that last year she noticed that her cup had the word "Beaner" on it. She said she was confused but that she didn't really know what to make of it, first because she wasn't wearing her glasses, but then she figured it had something to do with the "coffee beans." She double-checked to make sure her order was correct on the label, a venti Pike roast. Yep. So she left without making a fuzz. But she was quite upset when she realized that it was done intentionally. She even wondered what would have happened if she would have complained. She was thinking they would have probably just tried to explain it away.

To be honest, I think this would have happened too, and I think they wouldn't have even offered an apology let alone a gift certificate like they did for those guys in LA. Mainly because her incident went down last year long before the two African-American men were cuffed and escorted out by the police. The incident that happened to the guys in LA happened not long after the Seattle incident, so it had that behind it. But maybe if she would have posted on social media what happened would have gotten attention. But at this point who knows. I told her that they were doing diversity training, which she was happy to hear but was still annoyed about what they had done to her.

I remember seeing on social media that it hadn't only happened to the guys in LA, it happened to some other people too, they shared photos online. Don't know how many might have been photoshopped, but I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Then this made me wonder, do the Starbucks employees have this like secret online forum a la 4 Chan where they go to talk shit about their customers? And maybe they strategize about subversive things they can do to customers they think are ignorant and don't pay attention. Because if it happened to the guys in LA, and to my mom in Gilroy, there's no doubt that it's happening in a bunch of other Starbucks locations. But now it will probably stop because customers are catching on, and employees know corporate is cracking down. Also, yay diversity training.

My shoulder feels like it keeps popping out of place. Anybody know anything about that? Probably not, should probably just go get it checked.

Anyhow, I'm going to excuse myself so I can have my third iced coffee (homemade of course) of the day, because yay heart attacks.

Oh yeah, in case anyone still reads this thing, you might also want to check out this episode from NPR's This American life about LaDonna, a woman who worked as airport security and faced many horrible things from her male peers.


Murica! Fuck yea-A!


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