Sunday, June 24, 2018

One Last Thing About the Angry Comic Book Fans

I was going to use this post to basically write a follow-up on comicsgate, because I thought all I did was summarize the whole pedo. Which I did, but I also wanted to offer my own opinion, which was mainly what I was trying to do.

Comicsgate Worst Nightmare

Comic books fans are an interesting lot. I can say, that if I were younger, I would probably take issue with Peter Parker being rebooted as an ethnic minority. And this is me as a Chicanx, saying this. And my issue would have been, that Peter Parker was always the dorky white kid that got these awesome spider powers. And I probably wouldn't have seen the error in my ways, which is why I try to give some comic book fans the benefit of the doubt.

But I've grown out of that stubborn mentality and would look forward to the day when we'd have a Chicanx Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I would also like to think that maybe I would be happy for a Chicanx Peter Parker, Diana Prince, or Clark Kent, even as a teen. Most of the characters I read were Anglo. I never took issue with that, but I definitely gravitated toward characters that were ethnic minorities, because I knew I was an ethnic minority too. Look, mom, a superhero that looks like me!

I would like to give myself the benefit of the doubt, now as a grown ass man, I know diversity and representation matters. I knew to a certain extent even back then that it mattered, so as a comic book fan it disappoints me to see the toxicity and negativity exhibited by comic book readers who are pissed that Blue Beetle released an all Spanish language issue or GASP, that DC made the character wearing the costume, a Mexican-American! Or that Ms. Marvel was a white lady and is now a Muslim teenager. Or that a character has been revealed as part of the LGBTQ community.

Regardless of the effect that it might be having on Marvel's or any other company's bottom line, I'm glad they are making a push for the representation of diversity not just in their titles, but for the people who actually write, draw, color, letter, and edit them too.

You know what's funny? A lot of the people complaining about the diversity are grown ass men too. It's hard to give the benefit of the doubt to grown ass comic book fans that not only complain about the quality, but also about too many marginalized people in and on their books. Or the fact that they feel the storylines have too many liberal themes. No need to point out the X-Men to me, because plenty of people pointed this out to the comicsgaters on Twitter, but they really didn't care, and just found some way to defend their opinion and their hate as "concerned fans."

Anyhow, I can go on, but that's my opinion. In the meantime: Dear Marvel Comics, please make one of your characters in the main titles, a Mexican-American. If not to appease your Mexican-American fanbase, at least to piss off the comicsgaters. Thank you. Your loyal comic book reader, Xicano X.

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