Sunday, April 8, 2018

Some More Stuff on Law Enforcement

I'm not finished yet. The end for me on this blog is near, but just not yet. Should probably shut it down since I don't post as often. But I know I'm not finished yet. I know what my final post will be, but I'm not at that point yet.

That being said . . .

Also an Alabama sheriff pockets leftover jail food funds LEGALLY:

In relation to the deputy that killed the boy, according to some reports, the deputy shoved the boy's mother. The boy decided to protect his mother, the sheriff then killed the boy. Again, what comes to mind is that law enforcement officers don't seem to stop and think how they would like their own mothers or others close to them to be treated. I'm sure they wouldn't want their own mothers mistreated by anyone, yet they don't give much of a fuck about civilians or their family. I don't know what I would do if I was there when an officer was yelling at my mother, let alone shoving her. I would probably end up dead like that kid, because I imagine it would be difficult to keep your cool in that type of situation. I've known cops to show up yelling and accusing people of things right off the bat just to get a reaction out of the person, or to intimidate. Heard about someone in my old neighborhood, who had said he and a friend were stopped by cops who immediately accused them about threateing to burn a house down. This person responded with something the lines of what the fuck or fuck no. Right away one of the cops accused him about being guilty of something. No idea what. The threats to burn a house down? Cuffed him, ran his ID, saw that he was on probation and took him to jail. Yeah.

And in the Alabama situation, there's a lot more to get into about not only about the money, but about the meals for inmates. Like for example the nutrition, especially for those who might have health issus that are only kept in check through healthier food choices. Not that you get much of a choice while in your in jail or prison. I'm wondering there has been an investigation on the cost of phone calls, adding money to an inmate's account and the charge for adding money to an account, and for that matter, the cost of "care packages" that you buy through certain websites. Having had family incarcerated, I know the that cost for many of these things are outrageous. A few years ago I looked up the cost of care packages, and it was ridiculous. A deeper investigation of these would probably reveal a lot of fucked up things about class and capitalism. Things that I've heard people talking about on social media lately, but have yet to see in relation to a deeper investigation about the families and inmates and the cost of these things. 

That's not even citing some of the more recent stuff in the headlines lately.

More investigations like these are needed: Buzzfeed: Secret NYPD Files

Monterey County Jail started letting inmates borrow an iPad, but their families need to put money in their accounts. More money and profit for the jail and for their power tripping deputies. Also for their bureaucracy that likes to give families the run around and neglect the health of inmates.

Don't know when I'll post again.

I'm out for now.

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