Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Day at the County Court House

Want to hear how horrible people can be to each other? Go to your local county court house and get in line to speak to the volunteer lawyer. While in standing in line you first wait to have your number be called to speak to the lawyer's receptionist. The receptionist was a petite pretty woman, with a common first name and semi-common last name. Once she is attending to you, she asks what she can help you with, and then you tell her why you're there. As you stand in line in the room with about 20 to 25 other people or so, so you are able to hear everyone's stories.

The receptionist had a very warm personable attitude and would listen with sincerity and explain the necessary paperwork for each person, and either schedule an appointment for them with the lawyer or just suggest they come back the following week once they decided what legal action they wanted to take. Most of the people there were there for divorce paperwork. Mostly women, but few men also. The women would sigh and usually say, "I need divorce paperwork. I'm done with him."

But there were at least three instances where the people there had more serious issues to discuss with the lawyer. One elderly woman (I believe in her late 70s) who apparently lived across the street from the courthouse, had managed to make her way to courthouse using a walker. She sat there for the requisite hour or so before having number called. When called up, she explained to the receptionist that she had a tenant that refused to leave her house. She had apparently kicked this person out of her house weeks ago, but the woman continued to return, sneak into the house sleep and eat there, as if she had never been asked to leave. She ignored the elderly woman's pleads to leave her house. The receptionist listened but couldn't do much for her since the lawyer had been booked for the day. The elderly woman shuffled herself out of the room.

In between each of these there were of course the divorces.

There was a woman there who brought her daughter to translate and explain to the volunteer lawyer that she had been renting a place somewhere. Possibly an add-on to a house or a converted garage. She explained that the landlord for some reason started trying to kick them out. The woman didn't understand why this was, so the man told her they could stay if they paid an extra fifty dollars. Having done this. The man then threatened to kick them out again unless they paid an extra 70 dollars on top of that. Of course there wasn't contract, much to the benefit of the landlord, so the woman and her family were rightly stressed about this situation, given that the man was possibly trying to scam them for as much money as possible for tossing them out. So the woman came to ask the lawyer about possible protections she had or legal action she could take. Earlier, while in line, that woman had been talking to a friend of her family who apparently also rented a property to people, and he was having the opposite issue. He was dealing with tenants who didn't pay the rent on time or at all. So he was trying to figure out his rights as a landlord to toss them out. He actually had a contract. Oh the irony.


The other was the case of another elderly woman who came in too apparently get a restraining order against her 50+ year old son and accuse him of elderly abuse. She made no bones about telling the receptionist and practically the rest of the people in the waiting room that her son was a real piece of work. Her son, for some reason, beat her. She called him crazy and psychotic. She said she no longer considers him her son, and that she destroyed all the pictures she had of him. I in my life had never heard a mother talk about any of her children this way. But it was apparent that this man had seriously worn her down over the years, until she finally gave up seeing him as a son, and just viewed him as a piece of shit. And get this: her son was at one point the mayor of a neighboring town and was going to run for mayor again.


And then there was another sad case involving a mentally challenged girl who showed up with her father. The girl explained that her own mother had scammed her daughter out of money. The girl was receiving assistance, and she entrusted her mother, who then turned around started to steal her money. The enraged father stood at his daughter's side and added his own two cents on his former wife, emphasizing the fact the she had converted herself to Christianity and considered herself a woman of faith, yet did this erroneous thing to her own daughter.


Standing for hours on end listening to people tell their stories. With those four leaving me shaking my head at how we can all treat each other. Its one thing when strangers try to take advantage of other people, but it's a whole other level of depravity when sons treat their mothers that way or when mothers treat their mentally handicapped daughters that way.

All the while the pretty clerk lady listened partially distraught, partially in a caring and sympathetic manner.

What was I doing at the court house you ask? Well wouldn't you like to know. Maybe I was there because one day while getting a haircut, my barber made a comment about the orange man in the white house, and one of his Anglo customers said, "he's making America great again," to which I responded by jumping out of my chair and shaving his eyebrows! To which he cried "assault by a Mexican criminal!"

Or maybe I was there just people watching.

I went to the courthouse the next day. My eyes lit up when I saw the pretty clerk lady with the common first name and not so common last name. Chatted with her a bit. Gave her a devil-may-care grin. And then left because I didn't want to become depressed hearing how we treat one another anymore.

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