Sunday, December 29, 2013

This is the Post-Racial Society at Work in the TSA

A few years ago a friend told me about an incident her sister had with the TSA. Her sister wasn't harassed or profiled as she tried to get to her flight. Her sister actually was working for the TSA. Her sister had moved out of California, and to some state in the south, because that's where her boyfriend lived. She was able to get a job working at the TSA, which I'm guessing pays well. However, it wasn't until an incident involving the organization of a potluck that my friend's sister had problems of the kind that involved racism. The racist cuntery that some people continue to engage in, never ceases to amaze me.

You see my friend's sister was putting together a potluck that had a Mexican theme. It wasn't a Mexican theme as in dress up Mexican, it was as in bring a Mexican dish. I'm sure you can imagine where this is going. She had posted the sheet of paper on a bulletin so people could sign up and write in the dish they would be bringing to the potluck. Later when she checked the sign-up sheet there were some racist remarks written on it.

My friend's sister was obviously upset about this, what with herself being Mexican, and she voiced her concern to fellow co-workers, most of whom could care less and said they didn't know who tagged up her sign-up sheet with racist remarks. She went to speak to her supervisor, who upon seeing my friend's sister, told her she'd heard about the incident and didn't want to hear anything else about it. My friend's sister was at a loss. Apparently she even tried speaking to her boyfriend about it, who became annoyed and also didn't want to hear it, because in his opinion she was making it a race thing. What the FUCK?! I can't remember his ethnicity, but a dumbass is a dumbass, is a dumbass.

At a loss she spoke to my friend about the incident. My friend told me about this incident, because she remembered that my mother worked with an agency that dealt with such cases. I gave her the advice my mother told me to pass on to her, which pretty much consisted of her going up the chain, and then contacting the agency if nothing was done about it. By the time my friend passed on the advice to her sister, she didn't want to deal with it, and just wanted to let it go, because she still had to work there amongst those people, and didn't want to feel uncomfortable everyday at work if she pursued it. I guess prolonged discomfort working amongst some racists was better than the prolonged discomfort that you would feel if you were doing the right thing by doing something about it.

My friend was disappointed that her sister decided to drop the whole thing. This is beyond bothersome.

I guess having a black president in office, makes people forget that this shit still exists. "We're a post-racial society, yay!" Fuck you.

What makes it worst, is that I think we all know the TSA profiles people that are on their way to catch a flight, but when hostility is induced through racism amongst the TSA employees that don't care for a Mexican or her Mexican food-themed potluck, its just a reminder that this country has a looooong fucken way to go.

I had forgotten about the incident, until recently, and when I remembered it, I had to write about it. It's always a hope that through awareness, people will stop with this post-racial bullshit, and/or their chosen apathy toward these type of situations.


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