Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Devil's Pig

Latte burned my tongue for the first time in a long time. The girl that prepped it must be new. They should fire her or they might have a lawsuit from some litigious douche.

Back in California, some years ago, I'd been standing around and drinking with some friends at an apartment. It was just four of us. Somehow as these gatherings tend to go, we ended up telling stories about our childhood, and then eventually that led to supernatural encounters or things we'd heard about other people encountering. One of my friends, his story kinda took the cake. He'd been telling us that his father had told him and his siblings a story about when he was a youngster and lived in Mexico. According to his father, he and his friends would run around the neighborhood playing and doing devious shit, that doesn't seem devious to children. Apparently some of this included chasing around stray animals with sticks. The father told them that at one point they would chase this black pig. They would chase it down the street, the pig would turn a corner into an alley, and by the time the kids turned the same corner, the pig would be gone. Poof, vanished into thin air. Queue the foreboding music. The father told them that they would do this often, not ever being able to catch up to the pig because it was so fast, and because they couldn't figure out how it managed to get out of the alley, because upon their arrival, it was gone, and they couldn't find any holes, or other makeshift exits nearby. Until one day, my friend's father and his friends decided to strategize to try to capture the black pig. They decided they would try to cut off the pig from the alley, by splitting themselves into two groups, one that chased it and the other that would try to block it from the alley. So it was, the day came when a group of the kids chased the pig, and it ran it's same route, down the street toward the alley.  As it did this, the other kids jumped out and tried to block it's way into the alley, but of course the kids weren't patient enough to stay at their post blocking the alley, so they gave chase too. The pig ran around like most animals would do in this situation, and eventually made it back into the alley. Since the kids were right there, they were actually able to corner it for a change, and had it backed into the alley, where they could all actually see it. It was a funny a story, until my friend told us what the pig said, according to his father, the pig looked at the children, and said "Ustedes son mas diablos que yo," ("You're bigger devils than me."), and then it vanished. No smoke, no scent of sulfur, it was just gone. After that they didn't see the pig anymore or I'm guessing if they did, they didn't want to fuck with Babe the talking pig anymore.

I wonder what the pig must have been thinking at first when they cornered it, "These cabrones must have lost their pinche minds! I'm the Devil's Pig putos!" I'm sitting here joking about it, but when I first heard the story, to me it was bit more creepier than the La Llorona. I guess after hearing the story of a lady that drowns her own children and haunts the nearby river, so many times, you become desensitized to it. The creepiness is in what the pig says to the children, the power of words, a/the devil telling the children, they're bigger devils than him, and what that represents. I'm guessing my friend's father was telling his own mischievous children a cautionary tale, subtly hinting at how good Catholic children should behave, unless they want a visit from the devil, a devil, or a demon that works for the devil (?), I still can't figure that part out. Not sure what the kids would have done once they had the pig cornered other than beat it senseless with their sticks for running away from them. Carnitas and chicharrones for everyone, maybe? I'm guessing any stray animal that was black, got left alone after the incident with Wilbur. A lot of those kids probably ended up wetting their beds that night too. I guess I'm still in the Halloween spirit, and hate that it has come and gone, because AMC Fear Fest is no longer available. No more slasher, monster, or ghost films for another year or so. Nonetheless, I'm guessing the tale my friend's father told was a folk tale, I had just never heard it until that night. Gotta appreciate a good Mexican folk tale especially when it has the devil, and a twist in it. There were other stories too that night, and on other days and nights of drinking, but I guess I can save those for another post-Halloween post.


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