Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fear of a Brown Nation

I know I shouldn't write this post about the growing fear that White folks have about a Brown Nation. I feel like I shouldn't even bother writing a post about this, because for many of us who surf the waves of the web it's not very difficult to come across the racist "trolls." The only reason this even comes to mind is because of Diego Luna and his Spanish lesson to Conan O'Brien and the racist douchebaggery that occurred after through comments online.

If Tom Horne, John Huppenthal, and Arpaio aren't profiling us, or the cops shooting/beating us first and asking questions later, it's our fellow citizens that expose their innate fear of a Brown Nation-well more like their fear of any other ethnic group or "race" outnumbering their own. At least that's what I have to tell myself because the level of ridiculous ignorance amazes me daily on par with the fact that I had to wake up every morning from 2001-2009 realizing that our 43rd president was a potato. My friend told me he watched the video and that he personally noticed the crowd give a bit of a pause as Luna mentioned the amount of Spanish speakers in the U.S. and we were in essence taking over. I thought about that moment, and was thinking wow, the discomfort of being outnumbered is that big? Really? Come on. Most Spanish speakers are probably of the Highspanic variety any how, so you really have nothing to fear, their political points of view will still align with your own (think Marco Rubio, but browner), so you'll have nothing to fear, the nation will still remain yours. *¡Phew!* (don't be afraid, that upside down exclamation point, doesn't take away from your language or your nation, it's just an upside down exclamation point, I swear).

Just when I think there's hope for us, not us as the Brown Nation, but us as people, some dumbfuck(s) reminds me of one of the reasons I started this blog. All the profiling is relentless. I take my father to a clinic to have an operation done, then somewhere in the depths of that place I hear the snobbish voice of a doctor sigh, and make a comment, such as "why don't these people shower before they come in?" My thought was, "Why couldn't he die before he came in today?" A few months ago, my mother takes my youngest brother to see doctor due to some medical issues he's having, and what starts as small talk by the doctor about how his health complications began leads into my brother's past, being locked up. At which point the doctor mentions she doesn't feel safe, this all happens in front of my mother, who much like many other mothers refuses to stand by as the doctor tries to make the consultation as uncomfortable as she can for my sibling. My brother looks at my mother hoping she won't get into an argument with the doctor, but my mother quickly and calmly points out the unprofessionalism of the doctor, and begins to write down notes of what the doctor said, and threatens to report her. The doctor backs off a bit and leaves my brother's past alone. 

All I can think about in both incidents, is "Utter horse shit." I think there's a lot of motherfuckers that need to get used to the fact that they're going to be working amongst us, and if they don't care to work with us, or for us, they need to get the fuck out of the state of California, or better yet move there asses back to where they came from-Europe.

I know that Public Enemy's album was Fear of a Black Planet, where as I refer to "fear of a Brown Nation." I say "nation" as opposed to "planet," because White Americans would probably rather initiate a genocide against Xicanos/as, to keep the Brown Planet from happening, let alone the Brown Nation. Hitler would be proud of White Americans leading a Xicano/a Holocaust. As it is, they already fear a Brown Town.


Oh, and by the way don't wear a hoodie, at the risk of being shot & killed. You know, nothing based on prejudice, just trying to be a good neighborhood watch volunteer who happens to carry a gun, and tries to start shit with your ass, because you look like a "troublemaker," thug, hoodlum, gangbanger, Black, Brown, Non-White (?)


  1. Great post and while I agree with you, I must point out that there are many of our own now that fear Xicana/os just as much as the bigots. In fact, there are helping (some willingly, others unwittingly) push that fear while at the same time, trying to sell us their own agenda.

    There's a whole pan-Latino, Hispanicize, rainbow coalition out now that's only purpose is to sell products and get advertising money while at the same time distance themselves from the Chicana/o movement because it hurts their bottom line. They could give a shit about Raza and want nothing to do with us.

    So while the outrage over Luna's comments is palpable, what is really outrageous is that it always goes back to one concept: Anything but Mexican. And that is why so many Latinos become infuriated when these same bigots refer to them as "Mexican."

  2. Yep, that's a huge problem. "Chicano" is dirty word, and after all these years, you're right Latinos do not want to be viewed as Mexican, because why? We still haven't fully assimilated? That last sentence, is sad but true, both Chicanos and Mexcians are dirty words. Latinos really don't want to have anything to do with us. Come on, risk being scapegoated like Mexicans-pretty sure they're thinking, "No thanks."