Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beer and Sex and Everything Rough Or My Kinda Feminists

I was so naive believing that girls would forever be "sugar and spice and everything nice." I think I just read too much and watched too much tv, which led me to believe that all women wanted to be swept off their feet romantically and that they never spoke about sex, and only wanted to have sex with the man they fell in love with. I remember I was in for a shocker upon arriving at college. I think it's no secret that guys like to sit around and share their sexcapades with each other, apparently it was no different for women. 

I was a remembering a group of Xicana women that me and my friends met, who very much enjoyed a long weekend of binge drinking as me and my friends. They didn't actually attend our campus, they were on a different campus about an hour and a half away, but they would regularly make a trip to our campus to engage in the shitfacery, because they felt they had found kindred spirits that shared their proclivity toward turning their liver into a deteriorating apocalyptic playground. I knew college women liked having sex, but I never really thought that they enjoyed sharing their stories like like me and my friends until one day we were sitting around, and one of my friends shared his story which led into some of their stories. Oh excuse me, these women didn't like having sex per se, they liked fucking.

Nonetheless my friend had finished telling his story about the time he did the "Angry Dragon," on a girl. It consisted of him receiving fellatio from the girl, and as he was about to shoot his load, he held the girl's head in place, so that his man juices might ooze out of her nostrils. I can't remember if he was triumphant when he attempted this sex move, but apparently the girl was none too happy, as she cursed at him, and punched in the belly for not letting her move her head, as he was climaxing. Soon the women who had arrived the night before, saw this as an opportunity to share their stories, as we all sat around early on a Saturday afternoon around drinking, I can't remember the occasion, I think it was cause we had guests (them), and it was Saturday. 

One of them told us about sleeping with a guy who had a reputation for being well endowed. She said that she was hanging around his friends one day when he came up, along with the night they had spent together. They implied that he must have rocked her world since he was known to have a big dick (how they'd know this, I have no fucken clue), but she said her facial expression said it all, as she tilted her head to the side and twisted the corner of her mouth (:/), in other words "don't believe the hype" or dissatisfaction. His friends apparently couldn't contain their laughter and I'm sure later they were going to make it a point to let him know about his well endowed-ness was simply urban legend according to this woman. Another girl talked about how she couldn't find a place to fool around with a guy at a party, so they ended up in the bathtub of a bathroom, wherein she stood over him receiving oral sex. As he worked her vagina with his mouth, she said she had maybe drank too much, because she needed to pee, but the ecstasy she was in didn't allow her to step away. She said all she felt was a dribble, then heard him ask, "What was that?" Her response was "you're making me wet." Apparently believing the power of his tongue to make a woman so wet, he kept his position trying to please her, not realizing, his mouth had just been used as her personal toilet.

Then of course there were a couple of other girls not in that group who told me their own stories about their sexual deviances. A friend who told me her husband wasn't satisfying her in bed because he wasn't aggressive enough, and that she felt like the man during sex, which left me like this -> (o_o). Or another who mentioned that once a guy she was about to have sex with asked her to eat out his ass, which she was about to do, until she stared into his canyon and noticed a piece of toilet paper stuck to it, not a big flapping piece of toilet paper, just a small one, but that was enough to be a turnoff for her, at which point she said-"I gotta go," and left his ass hanging. What really made me start to realize that women were a gold mine of sexual desire, was one that told me she liked having phone sex, but didn't like hearing a guy use the word vagina, it was a turnoff, she wanted to hear him say pussy. Ah, romance.

Anyhow back to the original group of women, they were a great bunch to hang around with and drink and some of my friends might even say to have casual sex with. Without a doubt they also came to visit us to fuck. I would joke with the guys and say, "You know how guys have booty calls? Well, I think to them, we're the booty calls, they come up to fuck us. They get some of you fuckers drunk, fuck you, and then they leave the next day." My friends would laugh, then stop and reflect. I was always hesitant to sleep with any of them. Especially after they shared their stories. I was thinking, okay, well if one of them doesn't go to another campus talking about Xicano X's tiny unsatisfying penis, another might go use my mouth as her port-a-potty, grreeeeat.  

At the end of the day, although I was intimidated by their sexual prowess, I had nothing but respect for them. They were college educated Xicanas, who had no qualms about drinking and sharing their sex stories, that rivaled many of our "Buey, I fucked this one girl . . ." which can get quite boring, unless you throw in the time you tried the "Angry Dragon." No double standard with them, no shying away and trying to act as if they didn't like drinking or that they didn't like fucking. Not sure if this makes them feminists on some level, maybe binge drinking, sexaulized Xicana feminists(?). If they are, then they are my kinda feminists. 


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