Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ramblings: Black Summer, Obama, and That Mexican Myth About the Consequences About Watching A Dog Take Piss

En la madre. I'm at a loss for words. Well, not necessarily, I have a couple of things I would like to write about, but I'm holding back the urge to write about those things because I want my spirit to be fully in it, when I write them. So here I am at a coffee shop that about half hour ago consisted of only me, and the two girls working behind the counter, and is now having people stroll in little by little; now I'm at this point again, trying to write myself into a topic. I read a great "graphic novel" (adult speak for comic book collection) titled Black Summer by Warren Ellis. Superheroes and politics, specifically one superhero trying to change U.S. political corruption and bring attention to the World Trade Center attack, which in turn gets his superhero pals caught in the crossfire, because those in power don't want the status quo changed. What's ever more interesting is that the superheroes in question come together, because they are politically conscience social activists (for the most part) that want to make a difference in their city which is overrun by police brutality and corruption. Ellis is incredible at writing politics and social conscience into this genre, and it was a hard comic book to put down. Its superheroes trying to make a real difference. He does things with sci fi that have me lost, but at the same time intrigue me. Anyhoo, worth a read.

Aside from this, I've been thinking about Obama and the shitstorm hitting his administration these final four years he has in office. We still have troops out in the Middle East right? The permission of drone attacks on U.S. citizens and on U.S. soil. This NSA scandal. I remember seeing Stephen Colbert run a few clips where Fox News talking heads referred to Obama's final four years as an extension of W. Bush's administration. All too interesting, and too funny. All I can do is shake my head and sip my Turtle Latte. It takes me back to that episode of The Boondocks, "It's A Black President, Huey Freeman," where everyone is excited to have a black President, and Huey walks around unresponsive to the whole situation. Sigh, Huey projects his feelings well onto many of us. I tried giving the current Prez the benefit of the doubt, but even I knew the machine would convert him into another cog, even though there were many naysayers. Insert dumbass student voice here, "Obama said he's going to pull the troops out of Afghanistan." I shook my head, we'll see. Then not long after he was voted in, he kept troops there. Guantanamo is still open too. 

It's becoming ridiculous to even sit and watch any news reportage on politics, it's more of the same every day. Every day it becomes easier to bury myself in my work, and/or in a book. I'd say videogames, but I haven't been on them for some time now. Shitty reality shows have been my drug of choice lately. Watching Flavor Flav on another reality show, where he now tries to workout his relationship with his girlfriend, wife, ho, whatever. Chingy, is on that fucken show too, I don't think a revival of his rap career is gonna happen homie. Then of course the many shows that throw women together so they can fight and yell over a guy who is two-timing both, or because they're both wearing the same outfit on the same day, except one is getting more compliments than the other. Sprinkle with some teen moms fooling themselves into believing they and their baby's dads will be together 4Ev-Er, and the dumbfuckery is complete. Avoidance probably isn't the best answer, but it's probably better than becoming more bitter which then just leads to me not caring and in turn apathy. 

I just looked out the window and saw a dog take a piss on a fire hydrant. I thought that only happened in cartoons. Which reminds me, anyone ever hear about that thing, about if you watch a dog while he's pissing, your eye lid develops some kinda welt or sore? I remember hearing that as a kid, and I remember seeing one of my cousin's eyelids looking like it was sore from him rubbing it. It was at a summer program for kids where we got to play games and run around, and we got a free lunch out of it. Well a friend in that program saw my cousin's eye and asked him about it, and my cousin replied, "Es que mire un perro miar por mucho tiempo."/"I watched a dog taking a leak too long." I was stunned, I'd heard about this before, but my cousin was the first one I actually saw with the actual evidence of what happens when you watch a dog pissing too long. No longer was this simply a Mexican myth, my cousin was hard fact. I remember after that, if I ever came across a dog taking a piss, including our own, I would quickly divert my eyes, so I wouldn't get a fucked up red spot on the corner of my eye like my cousin. Now I've outgrown that myth, so now if a dog is taking a leak, I don't try to divert my attention away from it, I just walk by like meh, what the fuck was I thinking back then. I laugh at myself. I'll probably pass that knowledge down to my own children though, like "Hey Little X, don't watch a dog taking a piss or you'll get a fucked up red sore on the corner of  your eye. And that my child, is a Mexican Fact." I know that I should probably google or ask around about the dog pissing and eye sore thing, but now that I don't believe it, I guess I don't give much of a fuck about knowing whether it's true or not. Oh shit, this is the politics thing all over again. Apathy soon to follow.

Holy shit, if I would have thought about it sooner, I would have made this post about Mexican myths. Maybe next time. All I'm doing now is rambling. So I'll move on with my day, since I can ramble on Twitter, in my mind, or to my imaginary roommate. 


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  1. Some dark and caustic musing on the political doldrums, brother.