Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oliver Twist Wishes He Were Mexican

I've been having a difficult time thinking of blog post for today. It's not even writer's block. It's more a lack of motivation. I had a couple of topics that I was looking forward to write about, but this morning my motivation is lacking. And I actually got a good night's rest. I was pretty much in bed by 10 pm, but maybe didn't fully fall asleep until 11:30 pm, which made sense since I'm used to going to sleep just past midnight.

I could write about one of the nights of drunkenness that I vaguely remember as an undergrad, where me and friends would get into all sorts of shenanigans. But I think we all have those stories, and many of those are better, more exciting, and funnier than mine. I don't want to write about the topic I originally intended to write about, unless I actually feel motivated to write about it. Or some of failed relationships and why they failed. But it's usually a cause of one or the other, and usually I'm relieved when the relationship ends because I realize I wasn't ready for that type of commitment. At least not yet. Maybe I can just start writing some more fiction based posts. Or possibly book reviews of things I've read which I recommend. But that wouldn't be limited to books, it could be about other blogs or websites I've come across. Maybe there was something on NPR that I have enough motivation to comment on. I'm shoulder shrugging through most of those ideas.
Tasty (blorfs) From 
Actually yesterday, I went to the movies with a friend that is Chinese, and when I arrived to pick her up, she invited me in to have something to eat. She served me a Pig's Feet soup. My bowl had one foot (or is it hoof?) in it. The skin on the foot reminded me of the color of my skin, a very light brown, and with the bone sticking out at the end of it. Surprisingly being Mexican, I never ate Pig's Feet. My family had served Pig's feet before as a stew and also deep fried in an egg batter, but I kept my distance from them. My friend told me I didn't have to eat it if it wasn't appealing. Nonetheless I didn't want to be rude so I some how managed to work myself through digesting the fatty skin around the bones, and the soft tissue around what I can only imagine to be knuckles which I would then set aside. The only thing I didn't do was suck the marrow off the bone, if I would have done that for any other girl, that I were actually dating, I would have expected a great fucking night of sex afterward, or at least sex period. I put on the most convincing shit-or-pig's-feet-eating smile on my face, I could muster. I had no problem keeping the pig's feet down, I would simply swallow the bits, instead of trying to chew before digesting it.

Anyhow her dish led me to realize that Chinese and Mexican cuisine had similarities. A week or so ago, I'd mentioned to her that I remember my grandmother would boil cow or pig blood and once it condensed a bit and had a darker or almost blackish color (at least that's how I remember her doing it) she would spread it on a tortilla and eat blood tacos, or tacos de sangre. I remember my grandmother would offer me tacos de sangre every so often when I was in grade school, and my response was either to shake my head vehemently and/or say "no gracias." My Chinese friend said that some Chinese also ate blood. Something interesting about the Chinese cuisine is that a lot of sugar isn't used or consumed. I remember reading somewhere about a Cinnabon that had opened in China but had difficulty in that market, because their product was too sweet for the palettes of the Chinese. Something that my friend reaffirmed when she said that American baked goods were too sweet, but that she personally did like cheesecake. At the the theatre she purchased a couple of Tollhouse ice cream sandwiches for us. I have a sweet tooth so I enjoyed the treat, but after the film she said it was too sweet for her, I was thinking, damn it wasn't sweet enough!
Sweet, sweet, sweet, Globalization-A Cinnabon in Medina (From Wikipedia)

Our compare and contrast about Chinese and Mexican cuisine also flashed me back to other things I didn't really care to eat. Such as tortas de cameron, which are shirmp patties; espinilla, which I understood to be spine, it was cooked in a spicy stew, I didn't care for it though because it did't have much if any meat on it; I used to be a fan of tripas, or goat guts, had them in tacos, then as I got older I lost my appetite for them; same thing with tacos de lengua and cabeza, cow tongue and head tacos. I used to love tacos de lengua, especially with chopped cebollas, and cilantro, but after some time, the consistency of the tongue meat made me feel like I was chewing on my own tongue. I know, dumb, but I had a crazy imagination as a kid. I can't even fuck with rump roast or rump anything, because as I told my mother once, I don't want to eat the ass of any animal, cause at the end of the day it's ass. Oh yes, my distaste for some Mexican delicacies led to many a chingas or those situations where I was made to sit at the table sobbing until I finished the fucking torta de cameron. Fucking Oliver Twist would have been happy to grow up in a Mexican family, because he would never go hungry, and he probably would have appreciated it more than I did at the time.
"Please Sir, Some More Tortas De Cameron or Tacos de Sangre"

Back to my friend, we watched the Silver Linings Playbook. I thought I was going to be annoyed through most of the film, because I'm not a fan of romance films, but she wanted to watch it because of Robert Deniro, she's a fan of his acting. That caught me off guard I thought she was going to say she wanted to watch it for Bradley Cooper like most women. I didn't really know who was going to be in it, but was happy to see Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss from the Hunger Games in it. The only other thing I didn't like about the film, was that the family in it were Philadelphia Eagles fans. I'm not a fan, mainly cause I had a loudmouth friend who was an Eagles fan and loved talking shit about everyone else's team. Because of that fucker, I even refused to play Madden NFL 06, because Donovan McNabb was on the cover.
Fuck This Guy And His Team

So yeah, even in that movie, fuck the Eagles. But I managed to get through the film without forcing myself to choke on the plastic wrapping of the ice cream sandwich. Not a bad film overall, I enjoyed the dance sequence, mainly because of the White Stripes "Fell In Love With A Girl" routine; man, all I can say is Katniss knows how to thrust her body, and the close-ups on her face while she twiddled her fingers was great.

Even though I had to eat pig's feet and watched a film I normally wouldn't watch unless it was going to result in some fondling under the sheets later that evening, I enjoyed doing a compare and contrast of our cuisines with my friend. Even a simple discussion on U.S. and Chinese culture is compelling. She also served beef dumplings that were delicious, except she said it's not a dumpling, she pronounced the name in Chinese, because there isn't a name for it in English. I went from rambling about not feeling motivated to write today, to pig's feet soup, and too sweet cuisine.

Oh yeah, and fuck the Eagles.


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