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A Case of Mad As Hell And Not Gonna Take it Anymore #ChristopherDorner

Dorner's Facebook post is being called a manifesto. But to me it sounds more like his last words. Almost like a last will and testament since he goes from doing some serious muckraking of the LAPD, to telling certain politicians & reporters to keep on doing what they're doing, and hoping that there isn't another Hangover film after the third installment. Of course most media outlets are focusing on that last part, calling him disgruntled, psychotic, [insert your favorite word or phrase to discredit Dorner - here]. I see it more as a letter of intent, and his intention is revenge.

Since this whole incident began, I was wondering how much media attention Dorners mission would have been given without all the bloodshed or the words of intended righteous vengeance. Let's say he exposed the existing racism, maybe gotten an exposé in the LA Times (<-I'm laughing at that one too); what then? Well chances are the LAPD would have tried to discredit him for starters (which they had already done once). They would have labeled his whistleblowing as an act of vengeance against the LAPD, just because they "caught him making false accusations and therefore didn't consider him fit to be a member of their oh-so honest and transparent department." He could have had a case with the ACLU backing him, hell, maybe he'd even win it and get some type of compensation. What then? Well, the racism and abuse of power would probably continue, and everyone would forget about the Dorner case, a cop who made the LAPD tremble (just slightly) in their kick-a-mentally-ill-man-in-the-face boots. Then things would go back to normal, the department heads would continue acting like nothing is wrong, and so would Antonio Villaraigosa. Dorner would be compensated but soon forgotten along with all the other people who filed complaints against the LAPD, or who sued them successfully, and then just disappeared while we waited for the next person who makes the news for facing brutality at the hands of the LAPD. Another lawsuit. Another payout. And the cycle continues. Some people truly believe cops don't do any wrong. They don't lie, steal, cheat, nor abuse their power. But I have to thank Dorner for exposing this to the nation. For if Dorner would not have written a letter of intent for revenge and then carried it out, I doubt that the entire nation, let alone the world would pay attention. Now even those who believed all cops to be good civil servants are made aware of the many bad apples existing in the LAPD. Especially those that Dorner names that were involved in the Rodney King beating. That more than anything, tells me the LAPD is making a statement. They're essentially saying "Fuck you public. Your opinion doesn't matter."

A civilian kills a cop in self-defense, you better believe that person gets the death penalty, practically automatically. A cop(s) kills a man, execution style, with witnesses around, there's a thorough investigation to prove the the cop's innocence. The end result being a cop who does maybe months in jail, maybe even a few years, but upon release he probably gets hired back at a police department, maybe even the LAPD, where he can then move up the ranks, and make sure to push out any future whistleblowers. That's not justice.

I think those that have had run-ins with cops have wished they'd take off their badge to see how truly tough they are. I think some of us have gone through the proper channels, having police laugh in our faces the whole way, because they aren't going to bring each other to justice for a civilian, someone they're suppose to serve and protect. If the bureaucracy worked, Teresa Evans aka Chupacabra would have been demoted or kicked off the force, and Dorner would have kept his job, possibly even appointed to a committee to oversee such cases. But instead the bureaucracy said "Fuck you Dorner. If you can't get with the abusive shit-kicking program we don't want you here in the notorious LAPD." There are many of us in our neighborhoods whose imaginations run wild with ways we can get back at those cops that hassled us on our way home, or who intentionally violated our rights because they could, whether we knew our rights or not. The big difference is, that Dorner is playing out some of our imaginary vengeance scenarios. And I for one, have to be honest, I'm glad that it is another cop doing this, because unfortunately I think that it gives the public more assurance that what this guys says about the LAPD (and most some cops in general) is true. Even though there have been cases with civilians reporting similar incidents. But I guess much like Rodney King, all of those people deserved it too.

All of a sudden I see former officers posting on comments pages about their own incidents with the LAPD when they tried to be honest:
 Comments From the CBS2 Exclusive
Now if only they could band together and speak about this publicly, but they probably won't due to fear of retaliation, or because they are now in a place where they are satisfied with their lives, and have no need to speak out against the department, other than anonymously online.

I read the following in a blog, Imaginando by Nezua:
corruption and dominance of the weak by the strong has had a long run. and i think we increasingly enter a different world now in many ways and it will very well be increasingly bloody on both sides, because the recipe for real change requires it. 
Some of the truest words I've read in some time. If Dorner had not spilled blood, people would not be asking, what the fuck is going on in the LAPD? I'm hoping along with many other people, that there is a serious overhaul in that department soon after this incident is over and done with-demotions, firings, convictions of the people named, etc. In other words change for the better. However, in the long run, that whole thing about blood, being a requirement for change-prophetic to say the least. Although Dorner is waging a one-man-war against the LAPD, I can't help but think that other law enforcement agencies are getting involved, because if you show up in force you stop the rest of the public from getting any ideas about taking up arms against the Los Angeles police department. They're saying we're 10,000 strong, don't get any ideas you little militant activists. And they are shooting to kill as evidenced by a couple of the incidents involving civilians who weren't driving the same make nor color of the vehicle that Dorner had been driving.

David Perdue 2nd Victim of Mistaken Identity, Shot At By Cops

In that same article you have Connie Rice says the following:
Connie Rice, a civil rights attorney, said it's not surprising when police make mistakes during manhunts.
"They don't know where he is, and they're going to be edgy and jumpy," she said. "Don't get in their way. They're in a special state of consciousness right now, and they're not used to being hunted."
Sounds to me like she's excusing their actions. You know, I can say I understand that they're edgy right now, but I don't sympathize. As many have said and ridiculed the department already, there is no reason to confuse women or a skinny white guy for Dorner. Not only is Dorner outing their racist bullshit, but he is making them look like total jokes in their search for him. And they are in turn giving further justification to Dorner and the rest of the public for their outrage.

Whether Dorner is captured alive, or killed, it is important to not allow the mainstream media and the LAPD to try to cover up the real issue(s), and that is the abuse of power not only within the LAPD, but within the entire institution of law enforcement and it's bureaucracy. They need to be held accountable not only by Dorner, but by the public.

I can't think of a proper way to end this, because it feels like there is so much more to be said, about the many aspects about this, including the media; Charlie Sheen apparently wants Dorner to get in touch with him to talk things through. Jesse Jackson is unjustifiably being shitted on by being called sick, because he sympathizes with Dorner. I think Connie Rice sucks for sounding like she's okay with the police as far as the shooting of innocents in cases of mistaken identities, something I know the LAPD is going to try to spin and blame fully on Dorner. Twitter tried to censor the #Dorner hashtag at the request of the LAPD; wrong on so many levels. The possibility of Dorner being the first human target on U.S. soil for remotely controlled drones. Or something that S.J. Rivera pointed out:
If this happened in Mexico, Amerikkkans, and especially the media, would be scoffing and talking about what an uncivilized/lawless shithole it is…Oh, the humanity! Glad it’s them and not us..snark, snark…NEVER travel there, etc. 
That being said, I'll list of the sites and articles I've read. Some up to date, others already old, by online standards.

This is where I first read his "Manifesto" It's not there in its entirety
Counter Punch: American Blowback  <-Great article.
Dispatches From the Underclass: LAPD Officer Accused of Rape Facing Separate Charges for Nearly Beating A Man To Death <-By Rania Khalek. A reminder that LAPD needs to be cleaned up.
Boy With Grenade On The Mistaken Identity Shootings
Boy With Grenade: It's the Police People Fear
Dispatches From the Underclass:LA Sheriff's Deputy Shot Unarmed Latino Father of 2 In the Back 7 Times <-Hello LAPD, I think Dorner is the one problem you can't sweep under the rug or try to intimidate witnesses into forgetting, like you tried to do with "Estefani."
Dorner 1st Human Target On U.S. Soil  <-If this happens, what does this mean for civil rights in general? For activists?
Charlie Sheen's Plea To Christopher Dorner
Twitter, The Government & Censorship

I've asked who watches the watchmen, if not us? Apparently I was wrong. Christopher Dorner watches the watchmen.


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