Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Barrio's Other Gang Part 2

Let me know if this sounds familiar, a couple of cops stroll up to a barrio boy in my neighborhood, and they start to tell him that the blue gang runs this particular barrio, when they very well know that it is predominantly a red gang hood. The cops are essentially harassing this barrio boy. I turn to Luis Rodriguez's Always Running, where he wrote something along the lines of cops coming around making up tall tales about rival gangs in order to get them to feud with each other, and kill each other off. This very obviously continues to occur in the present. The cops don't realize it, because they can't see her, but the barrio boy's mother can hear them. As she approaches, the barrio boy calls out the cops and tells them to repeat what they just said, but they change their tune, and say they never said anything (cowards). Good tactic, always their word against that of civilians. The barrio boy pretends he's going to take down their information, and asks for their names and badge numbers, which they refuse to give up, saying that they were just joking around. The barrio boy acts like he's getting the license plate number of the patrol car, and the cops retreat.

Another incident: the barrio boy is walking down the street after doing a shift at work. He's wearing long rubber boots, and his clothes are stained with strawberry juice. A patrol car begins to creep up on him slowly and they essentially begin to harass him by asking where he's coming from. They threaten that they're going to search him, he tells them that he's not giving them permission to search him. They say they're going to do it anyway, he tells them again, that he has not given them permission to search him. They are not pleased with the fact that he has defied their authority, and that the he has some knowledge about his rights. So they change their tactic, they begin to try to ridicule him, saying something along the lines of "Check it out, a homeboy that knows the law, hahaha." That doesn't work so the next insult comes: "Yeah look it, a gangbanger that picks strawberries, I can smell the strawberries all the way over here hahaha." The barrio boy doesn't react, hence not giving them reason to step out of their car and harass him further, so they change their tactic again, they simply drive up and down the street slowly, and watch him, as he walks home. He gets home safely. As much as those cops wish it, our state isn't New York, so they can't stop and frisk anybody they choose.

We have just as much to fear, if not more from the local cops, than from the red and blue gang.

If they're not trying to get us to feud with each other, they're trying to find reasons or ways to get us to react to their harassment, so we can give them reason to abuse their power. I know I'm stating the obvious, but sometimes I just feel the need to repeat it, to remind myself and others about it, and how the behavior of cops tends to makes us and them forget that they are there, because they are supposed "serve and protect."


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