Sunday, December 9, 2012

Man: You Should Just Apologize. Me: Fuck You

One of my earlier posts has to do with a run-in I had with officers at the county jail during visitations. I wrote about the encounter, however I didn't write what went on behind the scenes while I was illegally detained by the officers. You see as I mentioned in that post, the visitors were being treated like crap by the officers in charge of visitations, using their badge to take liberties to talk down and bark out commands at visitors as if they were inmates. I knew about all of this, because of my mother was taking notes. Anyhow while I was secluded from the rest of visitors after the altercation with the officers, the other visitors were asking what was going on, why they took me to another room and why I was being detained. My mother told them what had occurred, and this is what a man visiting his son, had said, "Pues digale a su hijo, que nomas les pida perdon." Translation: "Well just tell your son to apologize to them."

That shit blew me the fuck away. I shook my head in a fuck-that-puto manner, when my mother told me this. What the fuck is wrong with us as Mexicans when that's the type of mentality we have? It made me wonder if it's maybe a generational thing? My dad is similar to the man above, in that he fears the badge, and even respects it, even when the person hasn't done anything to earn his respect. Then again, he tends to bow down to anyone who has status, someone with a degree, a licensiado, education or wealth has his automatic respect. Part of it I think it's because he comes from the old (and current) Mexican structure, where it's all about who you know. I understand why he would pay respect to a person with an education, wealth or status, especially if they worked themselves there from nothing, but I can't do that. Badge or no badge, education or no education, wealth or no wealth, status or no status, I just can't respect anyone just because I'm supposed to. It has to be about the person, not some bullshit title they carry around that says I have to respect them, just because I might be able to earn some favors by kissing up to them. Give me a fucken break.

I think that's why I'm asking myself if it might be generational, because there were times where I think when my father would have said something similar to that man, until he saw how the cops were fucking with his own family, and then eventually saw his family stand up to their bullshit. However, on a different occasion, another person said something along the lines of "Fuck that, we're just looking out for ourselves, fuck everyone else." This was in relation to some of the visitors who were trying to get themselves organized to file complaints against the officers being douches. That guy was more or less from my generation; I guess that means my generation is the one with apathetic dumbfucks like that guy. Apparently he's willing to take the disrespect and abuse from the officers.

It also made me reflect on this documentary I saw, Hip Hop Cops. I know, the title made me laugh too. It's an investigative film on the real branch of some police departments that is tasked with following around rappers to try to catch them in the act of doing something criminal. The argument is that since there have been incidents at public events involving rappers, shootings and stabbings this was a logical preventative measure. An interesting film overall, but what really stood out was a scene where rappers were asked what they were doing about having their rights violated? Because as it turns out they're being profiled, and I think even the ACLU got involved to confront the officers about the illegality about what they were doing. The rappers were like the dumbfuck above about this situation. Ice-T was asked if he was doing anything, such as filing complaints? His response was generally the response given by most of the other rappers, which was no, he wasn't filing complaints, because that would be like snitching. That was another -"Are you fucking kidding me?!"-moment. By the way, the original hip hop cop, is a rap fan, who took many pix with different famous rappers, before he formed the actual hip hop cop task force that now collects intelligence on the rap community. Then again it's probably a good situation for the rappers as well, they get harassed by the hip hop cops, and which in turn helps enhances their street cred. Reminds me of that Mexican saying, "Les gusta la mala vida."
Below the hip hop cops are caught following The Game, and he has a couple of people offer them donuts and coffee for all their trouble (at 10 minutes and 30 seconds), nothing really to do with my post overall, but just thought it was kinda funny:


This essentially goes back to what I've voiced before: "who watches the watchmen, if not us?" Who holds them accountable, if not us? There was no way I was apologizing like the man above had suggested I do. There was also no way I was going to respect men who had disrespected my mother and other relatives, badge or no badge.


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