Sunday, October 7, 2012

Summer School Policy = No Mames Moments

Having worked quite a few summers as a teacher's aide in my hometown, I always wonder what makes the administrators come up with some of the rules and regulations that are just utterly fucking stupid . . . from my point of view. For example at one elementary school I worked at, there were mounds of nice green lush grass in the quad area, but the kids weren't allowed to walk over them, nor were they allowed to sit there and chat. Adults as far as I knew were allowed. I remember a few times walking over the mounds of grass intentionally to see if any of the other adults would try to reprimand me. At another school, during a different summer, there was a quad area as well, but at this campus, students weren't allowed to walk through this area. They had to walk around the quad as they were exiting the campus. Of course the students were only ever near this area when the bell rang anouncing the end of the school day, so of course they wanted to take the direct shot through the quad to get to the door and exit pronto. But the summer school principal didn't want this she wanted them to go all the way around. It got so ridiculous that the principal had me and a couple of other teacher's aides posted at the quad to make sure students didn't walk through the quad, but around it. If you're shaking your head, I was doing the same that whole session of summer school.

It makes me seriously wonder, what makes administrations apply these types of rules? Did an unprescedented number of students run through the quad and eat shit over a week which in turn caused concern that led them to create this rule for the safety of the children? Was it a similar situation at the other school with the mounds of grass? Or was it just some culero grounds keeper that had a strange affinity for the greenery, who felt that the students were ruining the grass by walking over it, so he complained to the principal who in turn imposed this shitty rule? Or were they just that bored and felt that they needed to create "policy" in order to feel like they had done their jobs as real administrators?

My hometown's city council is guilty of such stupidity as well. I recall hearing one year that they wanted to impose a "No 40 oz. Bottle Policy." What the fuck? Why? What for? Were too many of us leaving our caguamas laying around, resulting in too much litter, and in turn, being called the dirtiest town in Cali? Or were we using them as weapons against eachother? What bullshit excuse would a city council, let alone a school administration have in order to create some of the most pointless policies that the human mind can contrive?

On the other hand, before the rage gets the better of me. I remember one summer working with a couple of PE teachers. Their job was to keep the kids active for about 50-55 minutes. Which they did, and did well. But what happened later, made me smirk and shake my head at the same time. These same PE teachers, one of them being the summer school principal, during the breaks/recess, would actually bust out candy bars and soda/pop to sell to the kids. Now that shit right there, that made me think, okay this school needs a policy where PE teachers should not fatten up the kids that they teach physical education to. Not only that, but I know they also at some point go over healthy eating, but it's one of those things where, I'm not sure why the teachers were selling all this sugary shit to the students and then sending them off to their classes all hyped up so they could drive their young under paid English teachers bat shit crazy. I have no idea where the money raised would go, because they were charging the kids a buck a candy bar and about 2 bucks for a soda can. Ridiculous when you think about how cheap that stuff woulda been at a grocery store or 7/11. There should have been a policy placed here, where the PE teachers wouldn't be allowed to sell junk food to students, just based on something ethical, like the fact they are physical education teachers. However an added optional policy should be that they would be allowed to sell the junk to the students if the PE teachers revealed what they were trying to raise money for, how much money they had raised off the walking cavities and future heart attacks, aaaaaaand they would have to show the parents receipts on what the money was already spent on. I understand there's a budget crisis in our educational system, but shouldn't there be just a little bit of transparency from the people that you send your kids off to?

Anyhow, this post is just more about observations that I made, when I recalled some of my summers as a teacher's aide. Things that at that point I reflected on, but it's not until now, that I'm allowed to vent through this blog.


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