Friday, July 13, 2012

BUY: ¡BAN THIS! The BSP Anthology of Xican@ Literature Edited by Santino J. Rivera

It includes work from prominent writers, scholars, artists, and new voices. A unique anthology, that has a variety of work, and is needed in Xican@ Studies, but also for anyone interested in exploring a variety of literature and/or Xicanismo.

It can be purchased at:

Amazon: Ban This

Barnes and Noble: Ban This

Also ask your public library and/or other local bookstores to carry it.

If your university's library has a "Chican@ Studies" (or Latin@ Studies) section, collection or wing, and they don't have this book yet: Tell them que no se hagan bueyes! And that they are fucking up if they don't already have this book! I'm looking at you UC Santa Barbara (Coleccion Tloque Nahuaque) and Michigan State University (Cesar Chavez Collection)!

If your campus or public library doesn't have a Xican@ Literature section, collection, or wing, this is the perfect book to start it with.

For more info:

Interview With Writer and Editor Santino J. Rivera

The Publisher: Broken Sword Publications

S.J. Rivera on Twitter


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