Monday, December 12, 2011

"Inappropriate Behavior"=Not Allowing Sheriff to Disrespect Mother(s)

"Mr. X

This letter is to inform you that you are banned from visiting Monterey County Jail for a period of six months. This visiting ban was attributed to your innappropriate behavior toward jail staff at the Main Jail on August 13, 2011. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and all visitors are expected to abide by facility rules when visiting. If you encounter any problems while visiting you can request to talk with the sergeant on duty. You will once again be allowed to visit after Februrary 12, 2012.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at (831) 755-3887.


Chris Pascone
Custody Operations Bureau
Monterey Sheriff's County Department"

So this is the letter I received from Commander Pascone, after my "inappropriate behavior" incident. Notice how he doesn't go into my "inappropriate behavior" in detail. I'm guessing because his staff didn't tell him what my "inappropriate behavior" consisted of. You know, like I felt that the sergeant on duty disrespected my mother, so I stood up for her, and I dropped the "f-bomb," which he allowed to get to his macho side, and came out with authoratative bravado trying to flex on me, only to find a person who didn't back down from him, his badge, his uniform nor his menacing glare (I'm good at giving menacing glares too).

I'm guessing this was the conversation between the sergeant and the commander:

Sergeant: Hey Commander this fucken Mexican kid showed up cussing (I said the "f-bomb" once), and trying to be threatening (he's the one that stepped out from behind the glass window ). I just need to sign off and ban him for about half a year, you know six months.

Commander Pascone: O-key do-key.

That easy, no questions asked. Really? No questions? How about WHY 6 MONTHS? Is that protocol for anybody that drops the "f-bomb" once or for anyone that drops their trousers and moons them? Why 6 months Pascone? Or is that just the amount of time that is given to anybody? The fact that my brother was being transferred in 2 weeks didn't factor in? The fact that I was flying back to Mixigan in a few weeks and not coming back for a while didn't factor in either? Is that the maximum amount of time that is allowed to be given? If the sergeant was allowed to dole out 12 months would Pascone have signed off on it without questioning it? Other than the sergeant's own angry biased? Damn, the how much your power has corrupted is so visible it's shameful. You don't even try to hide it.

What do we need to do Pascone, show up with lawyers? Is that the only way we'll have fairness toward visitors at the jail, or even fairness to my mother and other mothers as well? Would you stand for this type of disrespect toward your own mother, Pascone?

The fact of the matter is that Pascone didn't have the full story. However if he did have the full story I think he would still sign off, no questions asked. I called Pascone, and asked him to return to my call to discuss my "inappropriate behavior," as well as to get the names and badge numbers of the sheriffs involved in the incident, that was back in September or October and he hasn't returned my call. Really Pascone? Is this how you're trying to cover for your men? Misinformation or not passing along information? Since you know, your sheriffs already do that too when they come into our neighborhoods. They knock on our doors saying that there was a 911 call from any given address, it's a fallacy, it's a sneaky way to get into our homes illegaly, making your job easier if you're trying to hunt someone down or if you're trying to find contraband in a home without the necessity of a warrant. But that's our fault, the public, for not being better informed about our rights. But would it really matter? Would you really respect our rights? I mean, come on, I think the 6 month banishment without a detailed explanation and the phone call you haven't returned really speak for themselves.

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